Brandon Calvillo Merch

Became extremely popular on Vine through his hilarious self-aware personality about his internet fame. He earned over 6 million followers on the app. He has over 220,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram. He stars in the 2016 film FML.

Brandon Calvillo Merch

About Brandon Calvillo

Brandon Calvillo is a Viner who has gained popularity by posting videos on the video-sharing platform Vine. He has over 6.4 million followers on his Vine account and about 60K subscribers on his YouTube channel. Brandon is also an Instagram star and social media celebrity. His Twitter account has 217K followers while Instagram has 747K followers.

The Viner’s sense of humor has got him a lot of appreciation online particularly from the adolescent audience. The topics that Brandon takes up for his jokes range from teenage matters to early adulthood issues, to father-son interactions and social distress. His net worth is about $350,000.

In one of Brandon’s popular videos, his mother is seated and is holding a generic brand of ice cream. Brandon approaches her and places a box of Popsicles in her lap. He pats her on the shoulder and she instantly disappears and turns into loads of Popsicle boxes. The Vine star has also created videos along with fellow Latino social media stars.

Brandon Calvillo Merch

Brandon Calvillo Early Life

Calvillo was born in California and features his parents in some of his vines. He also has a brother who is also a viner, Jesse Calvillo and another brother, Gregory Calvillo.

Brandon Calvillo Career

He uploaded his first vine in 2013 and already had over 10,000 Followers in April 2013. He has collaborated with viners such as Christian DelGrosso, Jason Nash, Josh Darnit, Nash Grier, KingBach, Thomas Sanders, Marcus Johns, and David Dobrik.

Brandon Calvillo Net Worth

Brandon Calvillo is a talented American actor and social media personality with a net worth of $1 million.

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